#WellnessWezday #1

On many “weight loss blogs”, you’ll find that many bloggers opt to weigh-in on Wednesdays and call them… can you guess? Of course, “Weigh-In Wednesday”. Might as well delay a couple days and call it “Freak-Out Friday”. I kid, I kid.

In any case, that’s a mentality I want to reject here. But as a fan of alliteration, I wanted to find a way to take the overall flavor of a weekly update post and inject it with my special brand of self-care that I’m trying to embrace – one of wellness.

Over on my Twitch stream, a viewer (and new friend!) once referred to my #WarcraftWednesday streams as #WarcraftWezday, and thus the ridiculousness of “Wezday” became a thing. Because I love ridiculousness! And thus we merge the two and get the title of this weekly feature! #WellnessWezday

Every Wednesday, I will provide a review of my previous week and the positive steps I’ve taken to increase my overall health and well-being. I’m not going to nit-pick or cast shadows on what I didn’t do, I’m just going to celebrate the great stuff. We should all be doing that for ourselves more often!

And now for all the cool stuff I did this past week (August 3rd through August 9th, 2016):

The story of this past week has been putting my shoes on. Seriously. Working from home, it’s easy for me to spend days without so much as putting on socks and just lounging around in various states of pajama-wearing. It’s easy to wake up and stumble over to the computer, bleary-eyed and cobwebbed-brain and then stay there the whole day (or do a mid-day transition to the couch and then lose myself in some high-level multi-tasking involving Facebook, Twitter, free-to-play mobile games, XBOX, and Netflix. At the end of these days, especially when the weather is bright, I end up feeling like I missed out – wasted the day.

But this past week I believe I finally found the key to unlocking real health productivity: putting on some shoes! Getting dressed is one thing, that’s no big deal. But finishing by putting on some shoes and socks readies me to leave the house for errands or adventures, or even just to hop on my treadmill-desk or go outside in the backyard to enjoy some sun.

I had a big list of to-do’s I had created a couple weeks back and I’m stoked to announce that by merely methodically lacing up my shoes each day, I got to strike-through the vast majority of that list. Two of those items were “find a recipe to cook” and “go to the grocery store (for at least one meal)”. Well, turns out I found a more than one recipe because, well, check these out!

After months and months of eating whatever was most-convenient (drive thru, take out, pre-packaged stuff), preparing delicious REAL food for myself and my husband felt really, really good. And look at how beautiful that food is! I’m no food photographer, but those pictures are making my mouth water right now.

Other highlights of the week were taking my dog Benny out for multiple walking excursions. Last Thursday we walked around a local beach park where there is an abundance of PokeStops and where Benny could get ample attention for his cuteness. A bonus was seeing the Blue Angels rehearse for Seafair Weekend in the cloudless blue Seattle-in-August sky. And yesterday we walked from my house down a rather steep hill to the local Starbucks in order to enjoy my morning dose of caffeine. The round-trip yielded nearly 7000 steps, some seriously-sore calf muscles, and improved cardiovascular health!

Wrapping up this long first update post will be some quick stats to counter things like pounds or inches lost:

Weekly Stats:
Fitbit step count: 33,844
Pants Test: They fit. No drama.
Personal measure of wellness: The kindling’s caught fire and I’m fanning those flames!

Lastly, this post doesn’t include all the fun stuff I did throughout the week to further my health and wellness goals, but I do keep track on Twitter and Instagram, so follow me those places for the full effect!

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