I’m a Twitch Affiliate!


OMG you guys, this is big news for my Twitch channel! I’m now officially a Twitch Affiliate! YAY! What does this mean? It means I’ll now be able to do a bit of official monetization on stream by way of Cheering.

A few months ago I added a tip jar for those of you who generously wish to drop some monetary contributions to the channel, but for those who might be uncomfortable using a third party site, Cheering adds a more direct way to help me earn a wee bit of cash to help cover the costs of streaming. For each bit that you cheer, I receive $0.01. Yes, one whole U.S. cent! So 100 bits is $1.00, 500 bits is $5.00, etc. Note: I need to rack up $100.00 in bits (or 10,000 bits – wow, math is hard!) before I can actually accept any of the revenue from bits, so the more cheers, the better!

And that’s not all! Eventually, I’ll be able to earn a 5% commission on game sales through Twitch’s Get It On Twitch program, and you’ll be able to subscribe to my channel and I’ll even have custom emotes you can use across the entire Twitch platform! Woo!

The future is bright. I’ve always said I want to be partnered with Twitch eventually, but this opportunity to be an Affiliate really bridges the gap and helps the channel stay afloat while we continue to build up the Woo Crew. I would not have received this invite without your viewership, so THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE!! Here’s to you, and to a bright future for our little community!