Relaunch & St Jude Fundraiser Details!

Today’s the day!

After a couple months’ absence due to illness, and some stream setup revitalization, I’m happy to announce that I’m officially relaunching my stream TODAY, Sunday April 29th, 2018, at 10am Pacific Daylight Time! And what better way to celebrate than to use this occasion to fundraise for a great organization, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through their PLAYLIVE campaign?!?

I’ll be having special fundraising streams for St. Jude throughout the entire month of May (look out for the schedule, but primarily they’ll happen on the weekends)! If for whatever reason you can’t attend one, but still want to donate, you can donate by going to this link.

I’ve got a number of incentives and milestones I’d like to share with you as rewards for donating, listed below!

Milestones (for achieving fundraising totals):

  • $250 total raised – Wez will schedule a synthesizer jam stream!
  • $500 total raised – Wez will schedule a live drumming stream! (OMG!)

Incentives for Individual Donors (choose one when donating, limited supply):

  • $5 donation – Get Wez to perform “Amazing” Accents – 5 available
  • $10 donation – Wez will name a WoW battle pet for you, FOREVER! – 10 available
  • $25 donation – Wez will immediately color an Echo of Justice battle pet print for you and send you a digital copy for your personal use. – 4 available

The incentives above are quantified for today’s stream only. More incentives will be added on future dates. The milestones, however, will be for the total campaign for the season. And if we knock that $500 total goal out of the park, we’ll add more (and ideas?)!

I look forward to seeing you all at 10am PDT for the stream today! If you’re not sure where to go, it’s at! Eeeeeee, I’m excited!

{VIDEO} NERFS FIRST! Beta Pet Battle Updates

Hi friends! In this video I review the recently-posted changes to battle pet mechanics coming into the Beta for World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. We’ll talk about specific battle pet spell changes, NERFS(!), and some new overall pet battling mechanics. There’ll be some complaining, some rah-rah-rah’ing, and definitely a lot of the word “Battle”!

If you watch, make sure to click over to YouTube to leave a like and a comment! And go ahead and drop me a subscribe as well – I’m trying to hit 100!

My Grand Return is Booked!


That’s right, I’m coming back!

After an unexpectedly long absence due to illness, I am planning to return to streaming with a new, updated streaming setup (woo!), and what’s even better – a charity streaming goal for the month of May. Help me kick off my fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital PLAYLIVE as I kickoff Phase 2 of the WonderWez Twitch channel THIS SUNDAY, April 29th, 2018. I’m planning to stream from 10am-4pm Pacific Daylight Time, though we may go longer depending on how much fun we’re all having.

This will be my first charity stream of several throughout the month of May. I’ll be doing these on weekend days, so hopefully if you can’t make it this Sunday, you’ll be able to hit up one of the future days (stay tuned for the future dates listing!). I’m planning to stream World of Warcraft while leveling a new character that early comers can even help me create! I’m planning some fun little incentives for donors, and when we hit certain milestones, I’m planning some epic future streams including a synth music stream for hitting $250, and a live drumming stream for hitting our $500 goal. (Seriously that drumming stream would be AWESOME!)

I’m also excited because I’ve spent some time this month investing in some new gear for the stream, including a new camera, an extended soundboard, among others. Also I’ve spent some time implementing some new features including new alerts, and customized minigames for your chatroom pleasure.

I really hope you all enjoy the upcoming streams. I love livestreaming and have really missed it, so I’m so glad to be coming back! Until Sunday, take care!


{VIDEO} REAL TALK: Battle for Azeroth Launch & Alpha Access Thoughts

Hope you enjoy this video I made, wherein I chat about the World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth launch set for August 14th, 2018, my launch experiences past, and my somewhat-controversial opinions on early access content. Make sure to like the video (if you like it, that is), and I love seeing comments over there! Oh, and if you’re not already subscribed to my channel on YouTube, make sure to do that and hit the notifications bell to be informed of future videos as soon as they come out!