About Wez


Who Am I?

“The friendliest streamer on Twitch…”
“Guaranteed mood-booster…”

Welcome to WonderWez! I’m Wezmerelda, aka Wez, aka the woman who refuses to grow up.

I am an Affiliate Streamer on Twitch, where I stream at least 4 days per week. I began streaming in February 2016 and relish the opportunity to share gameplay and conversation live with friends old and new. A plus is that I’m super-duper into broadcast technology so this is like the best hobby ever. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to do this full-time as a career. I’m working towards that goal, and I’d love your help!

I live in the Seattle area with my husband, Mr. Wez, and my Boston Terrier, Benny. I love gaming, hiking, gadgets and gizmos, playing drums, reading cheesy post-apocalyptic fiction, and most-importantly, oversharing on teh interwebz!

The Games!

I am at the whim of my borderline-OCD gaming tendencies, so to call myself a pure variety streamer is a bit disingenuous. I go through phases.

Right now I am loving with sandboxy-survival games like THE LONG DARK, 7 DAYS TO DIESUBNAUTICA , and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.I also love WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I’ve been playing since 2009 (arms warrior main FTW!), and while I experience occasional burnouts and periods of boredom, I always come back to WoW. Especially for the battle pets!


  • Play games online & share my dorkiness.
  • Brighten your day by bringing enthusiasm and glee to every stream, with a sprinkle of cheesy humor on top.
  • Build a fun, supportive community centered around the values of Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Humor, and Positivity!

Why the name “WonderWez”?

Good question! The name comes from my long-used gaming alias “Wezmerelda”. My guildies in WoW took to shortening my name to “Wez” in chat, and it stuck. When crafting a brand name for my Twitch channel, I wanted to build upon that. One of the things I love most about videogames is the sense of wonder and awe I experience regularly, so “WonderWez” was born!

What’s up with “WanderWez”?

WanderWez is my outdoorsy alter-ego! I love hiking and getting outside, but in the last few years I’ve done it so irregularly that I find myself de-conditioned and longing for more opportunities to discover new places and seek new heights. I decided as part of my 2018 New Years Resolutions that I would embark on the #52HikeChallenge, and while I wanted to share all my foresty frolics with everyone, I didn’t want that stuff to take over my gaming/streaming Twitter account. Thus, the WanderWez moniker was created for an alternate Twitter account. I like the name!

And here’s a pic of Benny, just ‘cuz: