Welcome to WonderWez!

selfie_1My name is Wezmerelda, but you can call me “Wez” for short. Okay, my real name isn’t Wezmerelda, but it’s my oft-used gaming alias. I live and game in the Pacific Northwest with my computer engineer/genius husband and goofy/genius Boston Terrier, Benny. In addition to playing (and watching other people play) video games, I love hiking, reading post-apocalyptic novels (the cheesier, the better!), playing drums, photography, and gadgetry of all kinds.

This is not a Weight Loss blog

I’ve been struggling to take care of myself… pretty much my whole life. I was a happy-go-lucky kid until some time around the age of 7 – when some insensitive adult called me chubby. From there, I spent almost all my time trying to be thinner – a state that I thought would be better – and dieted my way to an unhealthy, unsustainable lifestyle.

I’ve spent many, MANY years trying to lose weight to feel better/happier. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Shakeology; even intensive, medically-supervised weight loss programs. I’ve had spurts of success, but have always had the weight come back – leading me to feel worse about myself, and ultimately heavier than I was before I started. It took me awhile (and being introduced to recent overwhelming data on the matter), but I now feel very strongly that conventional dieting will not help me lose weight, and that the mere pursuit of weight loss will lead me in the opposite direction of where I want to be.

I don’t want to be skinny. I don’t want to have a “beach body”. I’m a big girl, and I always will be. But I definitely want to regain my flexibility and strength, I want to be able to hike several miles without nearly dying, and I want to spend my life enjoying my life; not counting calories, beating myself up for eating a slice of birthday cake at an office party, avoiding adventures because of my low fitness level, or cursing my size.

I’m taking a new, two-phase tactic in order to feel better about myself and to feel better in my body: 1) No more dieting, and 2) Have more fun. This is quite a simplification, but it’s my hope that this yields more lasting success in the improvement of my overall health and well-being. I hope you’ll stay tuned here to follow along on this intrepid journey!


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