Week of Warcraft

This week I’ll be streaming TONS AND TONS of World of Warcraft. Why? Well, beyond the fact that it allows for another amazing opportunity for alliteration, Legion-time is nigh and this week we’ll be getting two awesome events in-game to get things rolling:

First up, there’s Demon Hunter access for pre-orders. Yes, for those of us who’ve pre-ordered the Legion expansion (I did basically for the awesome pet), and who also have at least one level 70+ toon already (just read that, so newbies might wanna start leveling now!), the new Demon Hunter class will be available for selection when creating a new character starting tomorrow. I wouldn’t rate myself highly at playing alts (I ❤ my warrior main), so I’m not as stoked as everyone else may be, but the character models do look pretty awesome, and the double-jump and glide abilities have loads of utility. Learn more about the new Demon Hunter class here, and if you haven’t seen it already, check out this excellent video highlighting a Demon Hunter origin-story:

The big excitement for me is the pre-expansion event – the Burning Legion invasion – scheduled to begin tomorrow. In six zones around the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, demons will be dropping from the skies ready to wreak havoc on Azeroth, and it’s our duty as players to band together to hold them off – and collect loot doing so!

felbat-pupv9761I won’t go into all the details here, but Wowhead has a pretty in-depth guide to the whole event: locations, what the different stages are, and the rewards. I’m in it for the Felbat Pup companion pet, personally. I started playing WoW back in January of 2009 – several months after the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and I will always regret those pets from launch events past that I’ll never have access to… *sigh*

There’s also some transmog items, for those of you Fabulous folks out there! I don’t yet have a feel for how many of the rewards are going to be possible to acquire during the event (can you catch them all???), but hopefully I’ll get enough play time to grab what I need.

Suffice it to say, my streaming schedule this week will be completely dedicated to WoW’ing it up. I’m still re-learning to play my Arms Warrior, so hopefully the invasion will give me more opportunity to practice the new skills. Want to know when I’m streaming live? You have two options available: first you can follow me on Twitch and allow live notifications there, or you can follow me on Twitter for the official announcements of when I go live. Hope to see you there!

If you do not play World of Warcraft but are interested in starting, I have a limited supply of Starter Edition codes available that I’d be happy to send through the Recruit-a-Friend program. To take advantage of this offer, head on over to Twitter and follow me (@wonderwezgaming) and then tweet me your request including the phrase “WoW Starter” (no DM’s, please).

Welcome to WonderWez!

selfie_1My name is Wezmerelda, but you can call me “Wez” for short. Okay, my real name isn’t Wezmerelda, but it’s my oft-used gaming alias. I live and game in the Pacific Northwest with my computer engineer/genius husband and goofy/genius Boston Terrier, Benny. In addition to playing (and watching other people play) video games, I love hiking, reading post-apocalyptic novels (the cheesier, the better!), playing drums, photography, and gadgetry of all kinds.

This is not a Weight Loss blog

I’ve been struggling to take care of myself… pretty much my whole life. I was a happy-go-lucky kid until some time around the age of 7 – when some insensitive adult called me chubby. From there, I spent almost all my time trying to be thinner – a state that I thought would be better – and dieted my way to an unhealthy, unsustainable lifestyle.

I’ve spent many, MANY years trying to lose weight to feel better/happier. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Shakeology; even intensive, medically-supervised weight loss programs. I’ve had spurts of success, but have always had the weight come back – leading me to feel worse about myself, and ultimately heavier than I was before I started. It took me awhile (and being introduced to recent overwhelming data on the matter), but I now feel very strongly that conventional dieting will not help me lose weight, and that the mere pursuit of weight loss will lead me in the opposite direction of where I want to be.

I don’t want to be skinny. I don’t want to have a “beach body”. I’m a big girl, and I always will be. But I definitely want to regain my flexibility and strength, I want to be able to hike several miles without nearly dying, and I want to spend my life enjoying my life; not counting calories, beating myself up for eating a slice of birthday cake at an office party, avoiding adventures because of my low fitness level, or cursing my size.

I’m taking a new, two-phase tactic in order to feel better about myself and to feel better in my body: 1) No more dieting, and 2) Have more fun. This is quite a simplification, but it’s my hope that this yields more lasting success in the improvement of my overall health and well-being. I hope you’ll stay tuned here to follow along on this intrepid journey!