WezCred is the currency you can collect during my livestreams on Twitch!

Check Your Cred:

Type !wezcred in chat to check your WezCred, which is the channel currency you’re earning when the stream is online!

Earn That Cred:

  • Watch: You are passively earning WezCred by simply watching the channel!
  • Follow: New followers during stream are instantly awarded 50 bonus WezCred!
  • Subscribe: Subs to the channel earn double WezCred!
  • Send a Tip: Donators are gifted 100 WezCred per $1 tipped.
  • Be Awesome: Viewer awesomeness is rewarded with WezCred commensurately!

Spend That Cred:

WezCred burning a hole in your pocket? Save ’em up to purchase raffle tickets during special event giveaways, or CLICK HERE for a list of commands you can use to spend ’em on random fun stuff!